Five Miles to Fabulous Rides
Five Miles to Fabulous was initiated by the CTC as a weekend of rides in June 2007.   Some CTC local groups have incorporated 5MTF rides into their programme, and South Herts is one such group.  The rides are for women who want to cycle, but are put off by the state of the roads and the traffic and the lack of suitable group rides.  The format is an easy ride incorporating a coffee stop, using quieter roads and traffic free-routes.  The ride thus gives an opportunity both to gain confidence in traffic and discover routes that avoid busy roads.

Bring a 
guest entry form if not a CTC member. Experienced riders are also very welcome on these rides, your support and advice is appreciated! Exact route to be determined on the whim of the leader taking into account the coffee morning listings in that week's local news and the preferences of those present. Our motto is 'Style before speed', which you may recognise as the slogan of the De Laune CC in the 1920s.

Most rides are on Saturday mornings and start from Morrisons, St Albans. We meet by the cycle stands, near the pedestrian crossing of Hatfield Road.  You do not need to be a CTC member to try these rides.  Please fill in the Contact Us form if you would like to be added to the list and mention 5MTF.  Thank you.

Chester Fabulous Ladies have a very similar approach to our group. Their leader, Sue, runs an excellent  blog which I recommend to you; it has lots of useful advice. 

Chris Boardman explains why riding two abreast actually make sit easier for faster traffic to overtake a group of cyclists in this video.

Latest News

Green ring map
Green Ring -  Still not fully complete, although most of the work is done. The last section to be completed is the crossing of Sandpit Lane, currently held up by legal issues.

St Albans District Council has a web page devoted to the Green Ring.  

Our May ride celebrates women's cycling around the world, although we are riding the day before Global Women's Cycle Day.

Herts Sports Partnership are organising This Girl Can in Herts Week 2016;

a week of events and activities to inspire and encourage women and girls to be more active. 

The week runs from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th June 2016, and our 5MTF ride on Saturday 11 June is included.

Ride Reports

You can see reports from previous years by clicking on the links at the foot of the page.  5MTF takes a winter break and resumes in March with monthly-ish rides.  The rides list will be updated with ride details and more dates in due course. I had listed a date for July, but have taken it down, as I may no longer be available that day.

Saturday 2 April - spring at last
The sunshine was quite a contrast to last month, and we had a large group - eleven of us - out on a ride today.  Several of the regulars had been ill and requested a 'recovery' ride, so we kept it nice and gentle with a meander around Highfield Park and a loop-de-loop down Nightingale Lane, along the A414 and back up Highfield Lane.  That was quite enough recovering and we now needed coffee, so we tootled along to Ayletts.  The cycle stands coped, but only just.  At Ayletts they have special jam for lady cyclists - Mrs Bridges rides a bike in fine style.  We came back via Highfield Park and the Camp Cycle Route.

Saturday 5 March - celebrating International Women's Day
It was snowing when I set off for the rendezvous! 
In view of the cold and the poor forecast, a fairly short ride was in order today.  Since we were welcoming two new riders to the 5MTF experience a traffic free route was also desirable.  So Alban Way it was! 
There is always something new to see along the Alban Way these days, especially from Smallford to Nast Hyde.  The station building at Smallford is now visible and Nast Hyde station is increasingly delightful. 
The 'station clock' suggested we move on for coffee, so we looped around through Wilkins Green.  We boldly tackled Station Road, the roundabout and the Hatfield Road to get to Notcutts.  Riding in a tight group and riding at a good pace we took our place in the traffic stream and had no problems.  Very nice hot drinks and cake in Notcutts café, friendly staff. It was actually a little brighter with glimpses of blue sky as we sped (relatively) westward back to Fleetville.