5MTF Ride on 20 Nov to Sandridge.
Angela joined me on the 20th, we wended our way to Sandridge via Highfield, Oaklands and Simonshyde, then back in by Jersey Lane for elevenses at St Mary's Marshalswick.
Sparse attendance may have been because you have been a bit busy and I have been busy forgetting to send reminder emails!

5MTF Ride on 6 Nov to Hatfield Farmers Market.
Greetings ladies.  I was on my own on the 6th: I whipped along the golden-leaved Alban Way for a slice of peanut butter flapjack at Hatfield Farmers' market.  Got quite a lot of stuff actually - carrots, cheese, apple juice. 

5MTF Ride on 9 Oct to Sleapshyde.
Five of us out, pootled down the Alban Way, now very autumnal.  We looped around Ellenbrook and Wilkins Green then dived into the Methodist Church at Sleasphyde.  We do like the tea and scones and the friendly welcome, and we came away with jam, cake, books, and at least one board game and one cuddly toy.  Our next ride will be making for Hatfield Farmers Market on November 6, another opportunity for cycling as a sociable means of transporting goods.

5MTF Ride on 3 July to Sleapshyde.
Four ladies wended their way to Sleapshyde via Ellenbrook, admiring the architectural delights of Wilkins Green.  Sleapshyde Methodist Chapel dates from the 1840s - so before the railway, now the Alban Way, was built.  As always when we visit Sleapshyde, there was a friendly welcome and some excellent cakes.  This time the occasion was the flower festival, so we had floral arrangements and music to enjoy as well.  Back to Fleetville through Highfield Park and the Camp cycle route.

5MTF Ride on 19 June (Bike Week) to Sandridge
. Six ladies gathered at Morrisons, two out for the first time on a 5MTF ride.  We made such good time on our outward leg to Sandridge via Jersey Lane that the leader had to embellish the intended route.  First we did a little exploring, having a look at St Leonards Church and pushing our bikes down a footpath, leader fervently hoping she would know where we were when we emerged. Re-orientation accomplished, we set off along House Lane and through the Oaklands grounds.  Across the Hatfield Road and into Highfield Park, we made our way to Trestle Arts Base for a coffee stop.  Then we had a bit of fun playing with the puncture kit.  What leader failed to notice in the merriment of demonstration patching of the front tube was that it was actually the back tyre which was flat.......
 Practice makes perfect when fixing punctures

5MTF Ride on 5 June to Sleapshyde.  Four of us (Angela, Isa, Patsy & Rona) set off along the Alban Way for Sleapshyde, where we enjoyed tea and cake at the Methodist Church coffee morning.  Refreshed, we set off back along the Alban Way as far as Oaklands, where we rode across the grounds on the bridleway, savouring the Steam Fair atmosphere on the way.  Through the houses and onto Jersey Lane northwards, through to Homewood Road where we made it just in time for the Hardy Plant Society Plant Sale.  Plants were purchased - see photos!

 Small plant
 Large plant - panniers came in useful.