14 Sep 2011: Evening ride to The Three Tuns Hemel Hempstead

posted 23 Sep 2011, 09:40 by South Herts   [ updated 23 Sep 2011, 09:50 ]
We had a pleasant evening for riding, returning home under clear sky with near full moon and no wind.
As to the pub, well I thought it was rather spartan and although it did have one real ale, there was no atmosphere and I wouldn't put it on the return to list in the near future. There were about 4 other customers apart from us.
On the ride, which went through Abbots Langley, Hunton Bridge and Chipperfield, were Graham, Moray, Brian, Roger, Philip, Mark S, Mark K, Mike J, Mike R and Charles.
Philip punctured twice (different wheels).  He also told me about plans for a new bike, I dare say even more likely after the punctures!  Mark K must have been thinking about the weight of carrying all those inner tubes that you have got him, Ian, as he fell off his bike when starting off on one occasion - fortunately only hurting his pride.  Meanwhile Mike J put in an extra mile or two having dropped a glove.
An email from Lauren apologised for not being out for a while, and then last week she fell from her bike and suffered a broken collarbone! So won't be out with us again for some time
Talking of which, having departed from all others as I went home up Toms Lane, I had a close encounter with Moray's favourite animal, a badger! I was lucky in that being uphill I was going slowly when it ran across the road about 6 feet in front and so it didn't get my tyre marks on it. Oh and just for Moray's interest, I think it was the same one that caused his broken collarbone. Why? 'cos it had black and white stripes!!

I almost forgot to mention that Mike R was seen to be using not one, but two new LIDL, LED lights, to great effect. You can really see the colour of the badgers with that set up.
Then a group of us were propositioned by an attractive young lady in a van, just before the pub. Perhaps something to do with the skin tight Lycra many of us wear, but as to the outcome, well it wouldn't be appropriate to say who took up on the offer, now would it!!  Suffice to say Steve missed out on an entertaining evening

Phil S