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02 May: Wet Sunday ride to Patchetts

posted 5 May 2010, 00:14 by South Herts   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 23:50 ]
Neil writes: As the rain beat a steady tattoo upon the shelter roof at Asda, it became clear that no one in their right mind would come out, but just as I was getting ready to say hello to my bed again, two forlorn riders rounded the car park.  Steve and Carol had made the effort. After a quick discussion we decided to abandon the ride to Brent Pelham and go on a short exploration for cafe's.

We headed off up past Hatfield university and down into Bullen's Green, then from there along the Tollgate road past North Mimms and down through Water End.  Arriving in Borehamwood, I’ve got to say that Weatherspoons do the best in breakfast at a great price.

The weather for the ride was 'orrible: very windy and the gusts really did try to knock us off our bikes, the rain was wet (der), very cold and it stung our faces.  The northerly wind had brought winter back in early May.

I was soooo pleased when Carol complained that her feet were like little ice blocks, ‘cus awhile back I had stopped feeling my feet.

The main point of the ride was an equestrian centre, this we found near Aldenham, yes Steve's directions were right.  Patchetts was very warm and good value.  This would make for a lovely stop for either lunch or a break during the summer.  I love horses so it was right up my street.
Patchetts Equestrian Centre

I took the pic with my phone and had a play around in Photoshop, hope you like it.