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17 October: Hertford to Nuthampstead

posted 26 Oct 2010, 02:18 by South Herts   [ updated 31 Dec 2016, 01:43 ]
Six of us set off from Hertford taking the back streets to join up with the Ware road.  We were held up in Ware at the level crossing and then had to look for a loo - which was locked!  We left Ware past Fanhams Hall to Bakers End where we turned north to Barwick Ford.  After crossing the river, we turned right in Barwick and followed the river northwards to Puckeridge where we crossed the A120.  Through Puckeridge, we then joined the old Cambridge road, continued through Braughing, Hay Street, and then arrived at Hare Street slightly early.
Tortoise Tea Rooms


The Tortoise Tea Rooms was a new stop for us and we were provided with drinks and food at fairly reasonable prices. Fortunately, the service wasn't too tortoise-like and we got a slightly warmer welcome than was usual at the other Hare Street venue!  Steve & Carol joined us at elevenses and (due to the planned pub stop not providing sandwiches) it was decided to change the lunch stop.  Carol made a few phone calls and our new stop was to be The Woodman at Nuthampstead.  After recalibrating the GPS, I set off through Anstey.  Here Fred punctured and it was noted that his tyre had more than a passing resemblance to Kojak!
Cottage at Langley
Cambridgeshire vista

Puncture sorted, we carried on to Meesden and then Langley Lower Green. At Little Chishill the views opened out across Cambridgeshire and some deer were spotted in a distant field. At Shaftenhoe End we turned back south again to Nuthampstead.
Hill climb
Memorial at Nuthampstead

Next to the Woodman is an impressive memorial to the American airmen of 398th bomber group, who lost their lives in the bombing raids that left from the nearby airstrip.
A group of walkers were also at the pub and some were picnicking in a neighbouring field; those of us with our own sandwiches joined them.
After lunch I led Fred back home, while the others completed the ride via Much Hadham.