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09 Jan: Hatfield to Hailey

posted 18 Jan 2011, 05:53 by South Herts   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 23:54 ]

9th January dawned bright and ten of us gathered hopefully at the start in Hatfield.  A hoar frost had settled during the night, although it was sunny and just above freezing, so the lanes seemed passable with care. 

 In Grubbs Lane

We were fine until the hill down from the Essendon Road, where we hit a frost hollow.  Jackie was near the back and her wheels slipped away on some ice near the side.   Not realising the extent of her injuries, she was keen to carry on, but slipped off again and it was then very obvious an ambulance was needed.  After a 50 minute wait (standing on one leg), one turned up and we were told they had come all the way from Canvey Island as the local service was inudated with other road accidents. They had also been flagged down on the way - it seems that even the main roads hadn’t been gritted.    We abandoned our planned ride while Jackie was hauled off to WGC casualty.  A broken femoral neck (hip bone) was found and has now been pinned.  We are all thinking of Jackie and wish her well for a complete recovery.