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24 July: Birthday Ride

posted 28 Jul 2011, 09:53 by South Herts   [ updated 1 Jan 2017, 09:15 ]
This ride was our annual chance to meet up with the other three CTC groups in Hertfordshire.  The plan was for Stuart to lead the South Herts contingent to Codicote, to meet the other groups at Vanstones Garden Centre. 
20110724 Stuart leading at Burnham Green
Re-grouping in Burnham Green

Seven of us socialites set off on a southerly loop from Hatfield skirting the boundary of Hatfield House, then up to Essendon and down to cross the Lea into Letty Green.  From here it was a direct route to Codicote, although some confusion arose as our group mingled with the North Herts and we were not sure who was following whom.  I must have taken a more direct route as I reached Vanstones 10 minutes before the others.
20110724 At Vanstones
Cyclists rarely stay still
long enough to count them
or to photograph them

With about 50 cyclists it was a noisy tea break (I pity the shoppers) and I was glad when it was time to get back on the bike.  Those going on to lunch then split into a fast group, led by Brian and a slower group led by Paul.  Brian led us a merry dance snaking around some of the best lanes Herts has to offer, although the speed didn't allow for much staring at the scenery. 
Brian leading the fast group down dale and up hill
We're somewhere near Luton Airport

Needless to say the slow group arrived at the pub first having taken a short route.  Brilliant planning, as there was no queue to be served at all - excellent beer, a good selection of food and good company.
Lunch at the Red Lion

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We left well after 2 pm to wend our leisurely ways home.