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03 July: St Albans to Chesham

posted 13 Jul 2011, 00:33 by South Herts   [ updated 1 Jan 2017, 08:53 ]
We met at the war memorial on a hot and sultry day and Mike from the Wednesday evening riders came along and rode with us.
Tom meeting us in St Albans
Ashridge House

We soon got off on a lovely trek to Pitstone via Redbourn and Little Gaddesden.  It was a brisk start and the pace remained the same throughout the first part of the ride.  As we made our way through the Ashridge estate I noted that, since they had cut the trees back, we were now greeted with a wonderful view of Ashridge House. A place I need to take more photos of one day, it is a very impressive building and has featured in films such as The Dirty Dozen.

At break, Adrian who hadn’t been out for a while met us and Steve met with another old friend from the road. Another Steve and Mike left us here (these chaps had to get home), and strangely enough with out Mike the pace of the ride slowed down.
Pitstone Wharf
Meeting at the Cafe

From Pitstone we made our way towards Chesham.  On reaching Chesham, we took a very strange route through the town that included a quick ride through the park.  Here we stopped at the Pheasant; a lovely pub that lets us bring our own sandwiches.
In the garden at The Pheasant
The Crong

From lunch, it was another lovely ride back to St Albans, but our destination was shrouded in mystery.  On reaching St Albans, we were invited to Carol's Pantry. A new tea stop for us, this was a rather wonderful place that gave us homemade cakes and free coffee.  We were encouraged to inspect the proud owner’s  kitchen, which was extremely clean and well laid out.  We must use it again!

The chat at tea came round to ride reports and the lack of them from the Wednesday evening group, which gives a rather unbalanced impression of our activities. 


Ride leader: Steve.