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20 Nov: Hatfield to Puckeridge

posted 21 Nov 2011, 01:02 by South Herts   [ updated 17 Feb 2017, 23:46 ]
With eight riders emerging from the fog to gather in Hatfield, some hasty route planning was called for on my part, as I hadn’t realised this was the ride I had swapped with Neil.  We were keen to warm up on some hills, so I decided on the southerly option via the cycle route to Welham Green, over Bell Bar and up to Kentish Lane, where we were almost above the low-lying fog.
Above the fog on Kentish Lane

By special request, I avoided Tylers Causeway, choosing Cucumber Hill instead, and found a few more hills via Bayford before the long descent from Brickendon to Hertford.  Here we were really enveloped in fog as we cruised along by the River Lea to Ware.
Along the Hertford-Ware cycle route

Here three late-risers joined in, while three others decided on a swift return home.  The cold snap had caught Bill out, who was only wearing his track mitts, but a quick rummage into the depths of Judy’s banana bags and some spare “No. 2” gloves were soon on loan.  However, on leaving the café, the sun was out and it was a brilliant day as we headed through Ware.

Passing through Wadesmill, we paused where Thomas Clarkson received a ‘direct revelation from God’, ordering him to devote his life to abolishing the slave trade.  Our dilemma was more selfish.  Carol had called both pubs in Benington (no sandwiches) and one in Aston (no answer), so we were wondering if we would have to go into Stevenage.  Inspiration came from Richard, who suggested The Crown & Falcon in Puckeridge.  A few twists and turns and we were there.  The choice was between full meals, baguettes (at £7), or less healthy burgers or battered sausages.

After lunch it was a lovely ride back home in brilliant sunshine.  But just as an ember sun was setting, the fog was starting to creep back across low-lying fields reminding us that autumn was in full swing.

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