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10 Nov: Saturday ride to Colney Heath

posted 12 Nov 2012, 10:04 by South Herts   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 23:24 ]
Super soar away, Scandal free Saturday Smasher
Meeting up at Morrisons##
Fantastic cup cakes
Pink interior##

3 of us met at Morrisons today, Richard ‘Sturdy’ Stubbs, new rider Sylvia and me.  The weather was threatening dribbles, lots of dribbles so I had decided on a fairly straightforward route to the tea stop.
Sylvia had come along to see if she could manage riding with a group, she had been out with Rona and Rona recommended us, nice one Rona.

Our journey took us straight down the Alban Way, which at this time of year is leaf infested, but apart from that it is gorgeous. The trees were at their multi-coloured best: reds, bronze and golden browns intermingled with the yellows and lush greens.  As we neared the rise up to the Galleria, we noted that the path was covered with leaves which hid the edge of the path: someone could take a tumble there.

From the Alban Way we headed towards Beaconsfield Road and then made our way to The Great North Road. This was great, as the road follows the grounds of Hatfield House and the vegetation was just wonderful.

We then swung round to Welham Green, zipping down Dixon’s Hill Road, over the big motorway and up Tollgate Road, a quick detour to Bullen’s Green then round to the Haley Jane Café in Colney Heath.

This café is small and furnished with a sofa that could fit 3 people in, some tall seats and standing room.  They had a lush array of cupcakes for sale, and the coffee was very good.  A very pleasant café, which had a kitchen attached, so I think there was a lot of home cooking going on there. The owner was also a great chap.  Recommended for small parties of no more than 4.

It was at the stop we found out that Sylvia had come up from Barnet; now that’s dedication.   I was chuffed with that.  From Colney Heath we headed off to Colney Heath Lane, then shot along Barley Mow Lane into Tyttenhanger, where the dreaded dribbles threatened to turn into rain, but it held off.  From here it was a quick plod through High Fields, over to Camp Road and through the back streets to Morrisons.

A great scandal free ride.
Neil 10/11/2012