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02 Sept: St Albans to Bryant's Bottom

posted 3 Sep 2012, 01:43 by South Herts   [ updated 25 Nov 2015, 23:31 ]
Our ride today was out into the Chiltern Hills; a bit hillier than some but not so many miles.  Setting off from St Albans we headed for Hunton Bridge and then Sarratt.  Descending from Sarratt Church into the Chess valley I realised why we don't often use this road - the climb up the other side is really steep!  Soon we were coasting along the level the other side and arrived at the excellent Ozzy's Cafe.  It was suggested it was named for Ozzy Osbourne who lived round the corner and was a familiar sight.  But the cafe looked too clean, upstanding and decent for that.  (If you read this Ozzy, only joking!)  Some, tempted by the good value prices, put big breakfasts away, but we were soon on the road again. 

On quiet lanes, we passed through Chalfont St Giles and Coleshill and soon along Penn Bottom.  Then through Great Kingshill and down the steep lane to Bryant's Bottom.  A big group of red kites low in the fields was spotted, perhaps attracted by the distressed squeaking of the rear axle on Spencer’s bike?

In the pleasant pub, the big breakfast eaters were soon ordering up another big meal, but a modest sandwich was OK for me.  We continued up the valley to Great Hampden, Hampden Bottom, then the steep lane through Cockshoots Wood (2 arrows).  Then across the main road to yet another steep lane to The Lee.  Lots of signs round here protesting about the high speed rail line, due to pass through this unspoiled countryside.  Then through Lee Common, Ballinger Bottom and Little Pednor.  Through Chesham we took the valley road to Chenies. 
5 cyclists outside church
After tea at Chenies Church

In the church we were glad to meet up with Jon, who had been spending the morning leading a Sky Ride.  This is a delightful and historic spot and the refreshments are fine too.  Weariness was beginning to set in, so a fairly direct route back through Kings Langley seemed called for.  A hilly route, but a great day out.

2 Sep 2012

Richard 2 Sept 2012