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24 Nov: Panshanger to Green Tye

posted 28 Nov 2013, 03:29 by South Herts   [ updated 11 Jan 2017, 21:00 ]
‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.’  John F. Kennedy.  Nine of us met at Panshanger for our jaunt out to The Prince of Wales in Green Tye.  The day had already started off by ignoring what the weatherman said and treating us to a steady and constant drizzle.
cyclists having breakfast
Breakfast at Buntingford
cyclists by their bikes
Green Tye
Lots of cyclists in pub garden
Green Tye

We made our way up through Tewin (where Judy and Jon took an alternative route) to skirt around the wood at Bramfield, looking great in all its wintry yellows and golds.  We made our way over to Vicarage Lane, which is quite a climb up to Stonyhills.  From here it was a quick blast through Sacombe Park then down the hill by the Golf Course. Soon we were heading through Nasty, Cherry Green and Aspenden to find ourselves at the tea stop in Buntingford.  Café Town is a really nice little place that catered for everybody.  It looked like we might not get any seating because the place was packed, but we needn’t have worried and happily we squeezed in where we could.  Stuart, who had ridden out from Stevenage, joined us here.  It was great to see him and it gave us an excuse to linger in the warmth. 
From the café we proceeded to Hare Street and, after a little fiddling about, we found Little Hornmead, Little Hadham and that nutty little crossroads at the A120.  You know, the one that is timed to favour the main road.  It seemed to take forever to get over this, but wait we did then realised the car we were waiting behind was parked. (Doh!)
Soon we were heading our way down to Much Hadham and then up to Green Tye.  The Prince of Wales is what you might call a traditional pub, with a very friendly atmosphere, beer brewed on the premises and great standard pub grub.  Being the biggest group in the pub we were all served with equal efficiency and it seemed that the lass behind the bar was doing everything, so hats off to her.  

After a well-deserved break, we headed our separate ways home with the majority going towards Bengeo and back the way we had come.  It wasn’t until I had got home that I discovered our table had been reserved by Jon and Judy, who had somehow had beaten us to lunch.  It was a great ride and a lovely day out.

Neil 24/11/2013