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16 Feb: Hatfield to Wadesmill

posted 18 Feb 2014, 23:01 by South Herts   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 22:48 ]
Eleven of us gathered on a crisp, sunny morning in Hatfield and we were pleased to welcome two new riders, Edward & Jamie, from Hatfield Uni.  

Cyclists in sunshine
Re-grouping at Grubbs Lane
Good news! The Jetstream has moved and weather is back to normal – for a week at least.  Even so, I had to plot a route carefully to avoid possibly flooded lanes as well as icy patches in shady dips.  But after a frosty start the sun was soon warming our backs as we tackled a few hills on the route to Hoddesdon.  Once again, we had an 'A' ride, which I led, and a 'B' ride - needless to say the 'B' ride arrived at Hoddesdon before us.

On the way our students enlightened us on the wonders of studying visual effects (for the film industry) and sports science. 

After a quick coffee break we held our noses as we pedaled past the sewage works at Rye Meads.  We looped around through Hunsdon and Widford then past last-week’s pub at Wareside.  I was expecting some floods at Babbs Green but it wasn’t too bad and we were soon spinning through Cold Christmas and down the hill to The Anchor at Wadesmill.

Group photo
Group at Wadesmill
I don’t think we have been to this pub before.  It was a bit of a warren inside with small rooms on different levels – we found ourselves in a hot, sunken room with no outside windows.  The food and drink on offer was good value though.  

The pub is right by the river Rib and you could see the high tide mark in the pub garden, so we were grateful that the pub hadn’t been flooded out.
Most people were heading back to Hatfield – I left them at Stonyhills and hope the floods at Stapleford had gone down.

Jon  16/02/2014