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09 Feb: Hatfield to Wareside

posted 12 Feb 2014, 10:10 by South Herts   [ updated 8 Jan 2017, 23:21 ]
The forecast for the day was for some really windy expectations and so it was that a small band of the brave (mad) few met at Asda in Hatfield for this intriguing ride.  Soon and with the help of the wind we were zipping off to WGC and Panshanger to pick up another rider.  It was on our way to Tewin that we found our first bit fun.  It looked like the Mimram riverbed had come to stay on the road for a while; everybody got through this superbly and we were back on our way.  Bombing down the Hertford Road from Tewin proved to be a challenge, as the area seemed to have had a mini landslide.  Here we stopped to let a car get past. In fact this politeness permeated through all road users all day long.

Cycling thro park
Cycling through Sacombe Park
It was rather odd as parts I expected to be trouble were relatively OK and bits that should’ve been fine just weren’t.  Anyway soon we were making our way over to Sacombe Park and White Hill Golf Club.  The route I had chosen wasn’t far from anywhere as I thought it would be covered in snow and ice, has anybody seen any of that elusive stuff?  Near here I found that I had suffered a puncture, we were so close to the club I decided to ride on and do the fix at the club.  It was a small piece of gravel that got stuck in the tyre, a hazard of riding in these conditions.

After a refreshing break we were soon heading towards Levens Green and past the posh kidz school. The A10 and Puckeridge flew past as we swept through on our way to Much Hadham.  But reports of it being underwater had reached my consciousness and I was curious to see what it was like.  Getting to the larger of the Hadhams was actually rather OK, the biggest hazard being stones all over the road rather than water as we approached the High Street. It was like someone had dumped a riverbed on the place.  As we went through, Judy suffered the second mishap of the day, but valiantly waved us on, so we could get lunch.  One of the large stones washed down from the banks had cut a tyre sidewall.  At least we avoided cycling along Malting Lane where the River Ash was over the footbridge.

Flooded footbridge
The River Ash at Much Hadham Ford
Flooded park
Flooded path ahead in Hertford

At Wareside it’s great ‘cus they do brill sausage sarnies.  We made our way back to Hatfield via the high and very windy road to Ware, then we headed along the tow path to the newly, formed lake in Hertford.  Yes a football pitch had decided to change vocation and become a pond.  Jon, Judy and Paul rode through it. I retreated to the towpath further back and lost everybody, that’s right I lost everybody.  Then met with Jon and Judy, they went their way and I went home via the biggest puddle to be seen at the underpass on the Cole Green Way; it had totally filled up with water. The choice was go down the A414 in a terrible wind or get wet.  I swear you could hear me squelch as I rode into Hatfield.
  44 miles

Neil 9/2/2014