June 2014 weekend ride reports

29 June: Panshanger to Wimpole Hall

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Seven of us met on a slightly chilly, but sunny morning for a day’s ride, starting off at a moderate pace, out to the delights of Wimpole Hall.  We headed out to the café at Baldock on a gently undulating ride through the rolling countryside.  On the way there we were passed by the world’s first moving museum of classic cars.  We hadn’t got a clue of where they were going, but it was great to see such nicely looked after cars.  As we made our way towards Weston it seemed a lovely day as the sun warmed us up and after 18 miles we cruised happily into Baldock, for a welcome break at Café Plus.
Jon, Judy, Richard and Steve joined us here. 

small group of cyclists
Gathering at Panshanger
stopped on a sunny lane
On the road to Baldock
With Jon, Judy and Tracey making their own way to lunch, the rest of us took more of a meander to the destination.  As we pootled around the countryside I spied some clouds building and they were very fluffy, rather ominous looking things.  I had heard on the radio that some showers might merge into one another and create some prolonged rain and this is just what happened.  The clouds were more organised than some of us and we slowly but surely got soaked.  I got very soaked as I just had my light windbreaker, I’m also rather glad I did ‘cus I got very warm.  On the way to Wimpole Hall we passed through three counties and a place called Croydon, where there was a vintage car festival being held.  Here some of the group decided that it would be great to stop at Arrington church porch for lunch, whilst others met at the Hardwicke Arms (which was 2 mins away), and two more had sandwiches at the hall (next time we have a picnic we’ll have to bring some large umbrellas). 

Regrouping in the grounds of Wimpole Hall we were greeted by cows roaming around the place and a lovely craft fair.  There was a mowing competition between traditional scythes and powered strimmers – guess who was winning. Then the rain decided to do a little more than shower and we took shelter under the ample trees.  As was agreed at the hotel, last break was going to be the church teas in Braughing and it was with a great team effort that we got there.  Tracey was a star and helped guide me through most of the route, with a bit of input from Jon.  At one point someone shouted LEFT, so we all took the next left on a scenic detour and promptly got lostish, but after some improvisation we were soon back on our way.

Tea and cakes for £2 at the church and these cakes were superb.  While we were inside it rained some more but we didn’t care; we’d had a great day.
All that was left was to go home, straight down the old A10 through, Wades Mill, Bengeo, Chapmore End then around to Tewin and back to the start, 73 miles in all (over 90 for the Barnet contingent): a great day’s ride.

Neil 29/06/2014

15 June: St Albans to Lacey Green

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Eleven of us met on a great Sunday morning. This was a special for Bike Week and the first of our dual rides, happening from now on the first Sunday each month, which included an option to be led back from the mid-morning break.  It was good to see familiar faces from the tour and some more of the club riders who hadn’t come along.  We set off at a breezy pace going towards Tring via Bovingdon and skirting around Chesham.  Not too far into our ride a traction engine was spied on its way to Redbourn for their steam show.
Mike taking the lead
Cute calves
First break was in a delightful little farmhouse coffee shop type affair, and outside were the nicest couple of calves you could want to see.  It was here we sadly said goodbye to the half-day portion of our group, it was great to see a substantial number going back meaning that maybe the provision of two rides on a Sunday might not be a bad idea.  As I understand they had a good ride back and clocked up 40 miles back to St Albans, so good on them.

The rather more masochistic of us decided to pound on towards Lacey Green taking in many climbs and zipping down a few familiar steep ones, not sure if I like that.  We passed Chequers, the place where the PM goes sometimes, you could tell by the rather military style gates and fences surrounding the place.

The pub was fantastic and served up some awesome Nachos, a busy pub and a rather brash welcome but they were really good to us.

Heading back home took us through Naphill, Holmer Green, Little Missenden and Amersham.  We stopped off at the Church in Flaunden (not much has changed with the place but I swear they made their own cakes this time, so I think there’s hope).

It was a great day’s ride that lasted a nice 66 miles but there were many lovely climbs, especially as Carol mentioned were going to the highest part of the Chilterns (although it wasn't as high as Leith Hill had been on the tour).

Neil 15/06/2014

08 June: Hertford to Royston

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No report received.

01 June: 5 day tour around London

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Please see the separate article describing this tour

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