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30 March: Hertford to Standon

posted 10 Apr 2014, 23:59 by South Herts   [ updated 8 Jan 2017, 22:55 ]
This little jaunt started at Hertford and was attended by the dedicated and slightly mad few who loved getting up an hour earlier than usual.  We also welcomed new rider Kevin who was training for a Lands End to John O’Groats attempt.

Eight of us blasted off into the countryside and headed straight towards Sawbridgeworth through Stanstead Abbotts, Roydon and Harlow.  The weather was pleasant, nice and bright and not too hot.  Around the lanes one of our hardy crew fell victim to a puncture.  Not to fear, Steve was on hand with the wrong size inner tube, which really didn’t matter as it held up for the rest of the ride.  This minor delay meant we actually made tea stop on time rather than early.  This was the Mint Café in Sawbridgeworth, a pleasant café with a relaxed atmosphere.

man carries wheel
Steve to the rescue##
two men standing
Chris & Kevin look on
three cyclists
We want our tea!##
Man fixes puncture
Steve fixes another one

Lunch destination had been changed due to it being Mother’s Day, so after our refreshments we found our way over to Standon via Green Tye, Much Hadham and some nice country lanes.  Kevin was doing very well and having a great time, and then it was Tracey’s turn to discover that wobbly feeling from a puncture.  Fortunately this happened near the lunch stop (The Bell) in Standon.  Four of us had brought our own lunch so we made use of the village bench then it was to the pub for a drink and to fix that tyre.  Steve is really is good at this stuff and he explained all the ins and outs of puncture repair as Tracey nodded dutifully in rapt attention.  So the wheel was fixed, attached to the bike and we were on our way.

Next stop the golf club at Dane End and again a great set of lanes got us over to there.  By the time we made it the sun had decided enough was enough and went in.  After a brief stop for a cuppa and cake - ahhh Steve treated himself to a bit of homemade crumble, and very delicious it was too - we headed off home and all went our separate ways at Stoney Hills. 

It was a superb day out.

Neil 30/03/2014