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09 Apr: Fun Ride to Redbourn

posted 13 Apr 2016, 09:23 by South Herts   [ updated 29 Jun 2016, 23:33 ]
Seven of us met at Morrison’s for a happy little jaunt out to the cyclist’s café. Apart from one person, all others were new to the delights of a Saturday ride. One of our riders had downloaded and followed a previous route of ours and liked it. Today he decided to join us to see what we would be like to ride with and I’m happy to say that he was pleased with the result.
group photo

We started off with a pleasant meander through the streets of Fleetville and then on to Sandridgebury. It is nice to hear happy chatting as you lead a ride for people; gives you confidence that you’re doing the right thing. We passed by the area of Sandridgebury, which is closed off because of flooding, but luckily we didn’t have to go that way and found our way towards the farm and then down to Redbourn Fisheries. There is always a body of water blocking the way here, but I noticed that this time there was a lot of water. As we made our way across the bridge, I felt the first spits of rain, but our little group happily pressed on.
We made quick work of the Redbourn Road and I was soon leading everyone on a climb up to Cherry Tree Lane. This bit always proves to be a challenge for my fun riders but they all make it and with beaming smiles.  From there it’s just a short hop over to Holtsmere End and then a drop down into Redbourn. The hub is such a pleasant little café and really makes for a relaxing break (or a body boost as they would say).

The Hub Cafe
Coffee and cake

After tea we lost two of our number as they followed the Nicky line back towards Hemel and then home to Watford. We on other hand took the Nicky line in the other direction and headed for Harpenden. The old track was a little squidgy to ride on and people commented that it was the hardest part of the ride, as staying upright was a bit tricky at times, but it was a pleasant journey and we came into town soon enough.

Then we bounded down Pipers Lane and on to Nomansland Common. Soon it was a small trek through the back lanes to Fleetville and the ride was over.

It was a great morning’s ride, with many more to come.

Neil 09/04/2016