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04 June: Fun Ride to Shenley Park

posted 7 Jun 2016, 23:17 by South Herts   [ updated 29 Jun 2016, 23:35 ]
A wonderful group of riders with happy, smiling faces met at Morrison’s for the second fun ride this month. Along with many new faces were some familiar returning riders, a lovely sign that things are being done right. We also welcomed Dominic, a disabled rider who had a specially adapted wheelchair bicycle. We also had a rider who had only just taken up the cycling life (3 weeks ago). 

Large group outside supermarket 
Cyclists inspecting a bike

We started with a gentle meander down the Alban Way, then through the estates, over Watling Street and up over to the Watford Road. It was here that the ride proved to be a little beyond Dominic’s reach and he had to bow out. He did an amazing job just getting to where we left him with his partner. The rest of us pootled up to Chiswell Green and made our way to Park Street.

We swung through Bricket Wood and had a lovely journey along Drop Lane.  I had a really relaxed and happy chatty bunch with me and this was making for a pleasant journey. We soon made Watling Street again and just as quickly left it at Harper lane. This is quite a busy part of the ride, but everyone did extremely well and we didn’t hold up any traffic. We opted out of going up Black Lion Hill and instead took the road around the estate, which to me seems just as challenging. Upon arriving at our break it became apparent that one of our number had to bow out due to a sprained wrist, a lift duly arrived for her and I popped her bike into the back of a VW.
Group at picnic table 
Group inside cafe

Soon we were back on our way again, we lost two of our number on the way home as we were very close to their homes. Working our way back to St Albans via London Colney and the lovely Rectory Lane. It was a great morning’s ride out. Some of the 5 miles to fabulous ladies joined us and we all had a great time.

Many thanks to Sue (Sunday regular) for being a very patient back marker.

Neil 04/06/2016