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18 Sep: Wheathampstead to Maulden

posted 23 Sep 2016, 07:11 by South Herts   [ updated 9 Dec 2016, 03:28 ]
Nine of us met at Wheathampstead for a jaunt into the Bedfordshire countryside and we welcomed new rider Virginia and a Wednesday evening rider Mark. We set off for Kimpton via Gustard Wood and once there we made our way over to Whitwell via the small network of lanes that side of Kimpton. Whilst doing this we had a lovely 20 min.
break as Bill copped a puncture near the Holt farm. I led the group on a lovely meandering route across to Great Offley, where I planned a small bit of off road, but the previous Friday’s rain had put paid to that idea. So we headed for Lilley and did Gravel Hill instead.

It wasn’t that far to Stondon but it did seem a long way and we got there 15 mins late, not bad really. Going towards lunch was a nice route that took in Henlow (didn’t realise the RAF base was so big), Ireland, Chicksands and Clophill. At first break we picked up Adrian and another rider called Geoff, who helped out as I casually rode past a turning I needed to take. It turned out that the road we were on led to the same place so all was not lost.

Lunch at the Dog and Badger was very pleasant and after lunch we headed to Emily’s in Whitwell for tea, with this route I had help from Carol who navigated us down the A6 cycle path, some of this I recognised as we went through Barton-le-Clay then down the A6 again to Streatley, from here it was a small case of everybody enjoying themselves as we traversed the whole of Lilley Bottom to tea break. It was great to see all riders staying out all day and picking up some new riders along the way.

Neil 18/09/2016