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06 Nov: Hatfield to Wadesmill

posted 11 Nov 2016, 00:48 by South Herts   [ updated 1 Jan 2017, 22:01 ]
We met at Hatfield for a lovely morning’s trip to Wadesmill, the weather was chilly and the wind was brisk but have no fear I had plans to warm everybody up really quickly. I took a new route leaving Hatfield, going up through the estates and down to Oxlease via Hillcrest and Briars Lane.
Bayford 161106

We made a nice steady pace to Wild Hill beginning to heat up nicely on the small climbs. Making our way through Little Berkhamsted, Bayford and Brickendon, very familiar routes but lovely all the same. The Woods in Broxbourne in autumn look absolutely spectacular, with leaves of all colours: golds, browns, yellows and fire reds all vying for the opportunity of catching your eye on such a pleasant part of the ride.
Brickendon 161106

We soon made Hoddesdon and the Morrison’s cafe there. After a relaxed break we headed towards Rye Park and went past the caravan park and sewage works. Soon we were looking for Kitten Lane to take us onto the road that leads to Hunsdon and right through to Widford. Just after this quaint village we took a detour to Perry Green then back around to Much Hadham. It was just a case of going up past Babb’s Green and through Cold Christmas and we were at lunch.

Lunch was a really nice affair with lots of chat and banter. Richard had to deal with a puncture (pesky thorn). But then we had the ride home to contend with. At first I was thinking of a nice jaunt out to Tewin and back through Panshanger, that didn’t happen as a light drizzle quite quickly turned Into steady rain, so we hot footed it to Hertford via Bengeo and sought out the more direct route through Letty Green, Cole Green Way and the outskirts of WGC.

Arriving back in Hatfield was a rather dribbley affair, but arrive we did. It was a lovely autumn ride on a rather windy day.

Neil 06/11/2016