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25 December: Christmas Day ride to Wildhill

posted 29 Dec 2016, 02:31 by South Herts   [ updated 19 Feb 2017, 21:43 ]
The warmest day in December didn't seem very Christmassy, although it is said that there's a greater chance of snow at Easter, so that's something to look forward to!

Steve H took full advantage of the good weather to test our legs on a very hilly route, which kept us guessing as to what we would be tacking next.  Sure enough, the left turn into Buck's Alley drew some groans, but we were spared the even steeper climbs of West End Lane.

We arrived quite early, but as the pub due to close at 1:30 it was already packed and the charity buckets were filling up fast.  Despite not dressing up as a reindeer or a snowman, we were still given free drinks in exchange for a donation.

Woodman Wild Hill 161225
Customers spilling out of The Woodman
It was a good way to finish off a successful year for our weekend rides.

Jon 25/12/2016