Women-only Rides

Most rides are on Saturday mornings and start from Morrisons, St Albans. We meet under the store canopy, near the pedestrian crossing of Hatfield Road. You do not need to be a Cycling UK member to try these rides. Please fill in the Contact Us form if you would like to be added to the list and mention 5MTF. Thank you.

For more information about club rides please see the FAQ page - it is found in the Info section of this website.

Experienced riders are very welcome on our Fabulous rides, your support and advice is appreciated! However, as we will be going fairly slowly you might want to have an extra layer on when it's cold.


We are now taking our winter break from organised rides. Planning to resume in March 2022

We started group rides again - see our blog - however we are not publishing dates here for the time being. If you are signed up for South Herts emails you will be receiving ride dates and booking details. Please use the Contact Us form if you are not signed up.

Our rides are roughly monthly with summer break in August and a winter break from December to March. We have a trio of fabulous ride leaders. This means we can usually offer a Further, Faster Fabulous option - sometimes as a stand-alone ride and sometimes on the same day as the 'usual' fabulous offer.

Covid-19 precautions remain in place while infection levels continue to be high:

We are limiting the size of the group, in accordance with Cycling UK guidance. Pre-booking is essential. Bring a guest entry form if not a Cycling UK member.

We are doing shorter and easier rides.

We will not be having indoor coffee stops for the time being, please bring own drink and snack for al fresco stop if no cafe mentioned. Bring face-covering, hand sanitiser, spare inner tube, pump, tyre levers and basic tools.

Don't come on a ride if you have symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate. Assess how you feel, Cycling UK suggest checking with a lateral flow test in advance of a group ride.

Our reports right back to 2010 are all in our blog.

Chester Fabulous Ladies have a very similar approach to our group. Their leader, Sue, runs an excellent blog which I recommend to you; it has lots of useful advice.

We are sometimes asked why we run women-only rides - here is an explanation via Isis Cyclists, women-only cycling group in Oxford.

Chris Boardman explains why riding two abreast actually makes it easier for faster traffic to overtake a group of cyclists in this video.

Here is a link to have map reading explained by Steve Backshall on the Ordnance Survey YouTube channel.

Top three basic cycling tips from Global Cycling Network YouTube channel - being good at riding slowly is the top tip. Be able to ride one handed and look ahead are the other two. I would like to add being good at looking behind.

A really good video from Sustrans showing you the M-check. This is how you look over your bicycle to make sure it is safe and efficient.

"Transport cycling can’t properly grow in the UK while the conditions suit only the young, male, fit and fearless." Cycling UK article by Dr Rachel Aldred on improving conditions for the old, the female and the disabled; groups that are currently under-represented in cycling.